I was born 1990 in Elazığ. I started my education with Dumlupınar E.S which was in my neighboorhod in 1996-1999. In 2000 - 2004, I went to Private Mustafa Sabuncu E.S because we thought their education level was better than others. I took LGS which was the last exam in their kind but my result wasn't good enough. So, I and my family decided me to go to Elazığ Anatolian High School. Unfourtunatelly I noticed I cant go anywhere without my friends. I continued my education at Private Yavuz Selim High School. I graduated in 2007 and according to my OSS result I was entitled to enroll in Marmara University Math Deparment and soon after I realized I was going to do my biggest mistake in my life. I decided to took OSS again and I went to English Time in order to improve my English level because I was going to take OSS in 2009 and I needed to value the idle times. After I took OSS in 2009, I earned Fatih University Computer Engineering Deparment with scholarship. With one year English preparation and one year engineering education, I am now a sophomore.

Besides my education, the important thing about me is my interest in computers. The connection between me and computers was started in 1994 when I was 4 years old. As a part of my father's job ,advertising, Apple branded computers was used in the company. Computers are so interesting to me. It was like a magic for me. I thought I need know everything about computers and it became an addiction. I was first hooked on MacOS but it wasn't compatible with Windows Applications. Still I want to use MacOS but at the moment, whos budget have been seperated with his family's budget doesn't let to have a Mac computer. The most interesting point of the adventure between me and computers was learning computers and teaching at the same time. My curiosity allowed me to learn everything faster even than my father. With my father's friend suggestions, I decided to go Canada and take bachelor's degree there. I did seem to be possible at that time however i doesnt now. As I mentioned before, my biggest mistake was forgetting my biggest goal ,which was decied in 1994, just a moment. If we look at other activites beside computers, I like sports. Actually, I like team games. With Basketball, I had a history with my schoold team but it wasn't so good. I like football but I dont think it likes me as well. So, my level is just a little bit better than avarage. If I should mention about my favorite team, I was votary. I discussed football hours with my friends without hurting anyones feelings. However when I went high school, I saw people hurting eachother -even their best friends- just for a team and I realized being neutral is better.

In short, Furkan VAROL is a dreamer. However he does know that with just dreaming he can not reach any of his goals. Still, he has some problems with starting to move. Wish the problem disappear in some day...

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1996-2007 - I have completed my primary education at several schools in Elazığ.

2009-2014 - I have completed Bachelor’s Degree edutacation at Fatih University as Computer Engineer.

2013 Feb-June - I have completed 6th semester of Bachelor’s Degree at Fachhochschule Vorarlberg as Erasmus student.


1995-2007 - I have worked with my father. We have designed advertisement together. This is when I have fallen in love my current job.

2011-2012 - I have worked with Gripati Digital Entertainment as volunteer Mobile Game Developer. During this time, I have adapted a game - Corridor Fly - from iOS to Android. Also, I have developed small apps for Unity Asset Store.

2013-Current - I have worked with Vendeka ITS which works on RFID and related-similar technologies as Software Developer. I have developed-improved several apps during this time. Akdeniz was smart warehouse system with RFID (passive uhf) technology and SenseBlue was smart tracking-inverntorying system with BLE (beacon) technology.

Professional Skills

For more information about me, check my CV!


SenseBlue allows people tracked (with proximity) by smart phones (can be used for tour companies) also allows to track objects (for cheaper warehouse management solutions – alternative to RFID systems like Akdeniz). (now only in Android)

SenseBlue has also windows module (in beta), it allows Windows to read Beacon data for same purpose of this application Android version.

in 2015


We think, all plastic cards are just a burden and must be removed.

mobiCard has born idea of removing all plastic cards but we knew that it is not that easy so we started with loyalty cards. So we have started to develop a module (not a system) to make it able to integrate with any system.

This system consist of a NFC enabled terminal with Android (in project a smart phone is used for this purpose), two Linux server (one for mobiCard REST Service and second for a dummy company, both were written in Scala with Play Framework), Windows Automation Application (which handles consumer transaction and communicates with dummy company web service), a mobiCard Website and Android Client Application (which shows loyalty progress to consumer).

Servers are still alive! Check it out:
mobiCard Heroku App
Demo Username: john@doe.com
Demo Password: john123

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Library Sort

Library sort, or gapped insertion sort is a sorting algorithm that uses an insertion sort, but with gaps in the array to accelerate subsequent insertions. The name comes from an analogy:

Suppose a librarian were to store his books alphabetically on a long shelf, starting with the A's at the left end, and continuing to the right along the shelf with no spaces between the books until the end of the Z's. If the librarian acquired a new book that belongs to the B section, once he finds the correct space in the B section, he will have to move every book over, from the middle of the B's all the way down to the Z's in order to make room for the new book. This is an insertion sort. However, if he were to leave a space after every letter, as long as there was still space after B, he would only have to move a few books to make room for the new one. This is the basic principle of the Library Sort. (Wikipedia)

Information above has descriped what Library Sort is. So, I felt like I also need to tell I what I did. Based on Library Sort algorithm, I developed and optimized a new (actuacly not new) algorithm. While my algorithm was computing quick sort, intro sort, shell sort etc (actualy faster then those), standart library algorithm couldn't event approach to them (this line is written for only comparisation nothing else).

When I first read the algorithm, I liked it. Compare to other algorithm, it was pretty simple to understand and also used in real life. Unfourtunately, I couldn't find any source code of standart Library Sort algorithm. While, I implement the algorithm, I saw its flaws and fixed them. In the end, I believe a good, fast and solid has came to world.

Source is available in Java and C++. Please feel free contact me. Soon, it will be on Githup as well!

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QuotaSaver is python script for checking new episodes of shows/animes and downloading them automatically.

The reason behind this proect is having touble with ISP's ridiculous quota systems. It's hard to track all that shows and if you have multiple watchers under same house, you also will certainly have trouble fitting in your quota.

This project is open-source! Feel free to help us! Check Githup link below.

in 2015


Akdeniz is and Smart Warehouse Management System with RFID Technologies. Akdeniz consist of 5 modules. I have contributed three of them.

AkdenizWeb project is an admin panel to Akdeniz project. AkdenizWeb uses GWT platform with SmartGWT UI elements.

AkdenizDesktop is a standalone application which manages RFID operations in general (such as checking products on a shipment).

AkdenizForklift is a forklift application which manages forklift related operations (such as associating a product with a shelf).

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With Nearby you can chat with the people whose in around! Chat with them, meet with them and become friend with them. There is no limit! but your social skills.

This project has developed for Mobile Application Course project in FHV. Project has born idea of meeting people as well as protecting privacy. There were no server but only smart phones. No data mining, no stealing personal information. Also, with this project we joined hackathons and became 4th. You can find latest version in Google Play Store.

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Corridor Fly

Your duty is escape! Get best aircraft and escape from the futuristic corridor. Fly in a futuristic corridor and get coins and bonus items while avoiding obstacles.

Unlock aircrafts by showing your ability (Do not crash as long as you can). Pick up coins and buy new aircrafts. Better aircraft you have, more bonus items it can carry. Note that, each aircraft is in different style.

There are three bonus items in the corridor;

  • • Weapon : Burst next obstacle! Each aircraft has its own weapon.
  • • Shield : You don't need to worry about obstacles. Limited time only.
  • • Time : Slow down everything except for your aircraft. Escape easily and pickup more… Limited time only.


  • • Your agility will be improved!
  • • 3D Graphics
  • • 4 Different aircrafts
  • • 3 Different environments
  • • 12 Sectors
  • • FREE

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İztanbul (İZleme TANıma BULma - Tracking Defining Finding) is smart system which combined both vehicle tracking and wareshouse tracking. Also, it became a person tracking system (via smart phone).

In this project, ddeveloped and optimized a client for a working tracking system. System is designed for to track Android phone user and send data to server. On the web, user (employer) can check whereabouts his/her employee.

in 2012

Texas Holdem Poker

Texas hold 'em is a variation of the standard card game of poker. Two cards (hole cards) are dealt face down to each player and then five community cards are placed face-up by the dealer—a series of three ("the flop") then an additional single card ("the turn" or "fourth") and another additional card ("the river" or "fifth street"). Players have the option to check, bet, raise or fold after each deal; i.e., betting may occur prior to the flop, "on the flop", "on the turn", and "on the river". (Wikipedia)

This project develop for sophomore school project written in C++ with Allegro and also in C# with XNA. Codes (only C++) are still available to who wants learn basics of Allegro but codes are pretty old and was written by an ameture :).

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